Glamping Windsurfing Centre at Arena One 99 Glamping

The glamping windsurfing centre at Arena One 99 caters to beginners and professionals alike.  Dalen Geromella, who owns the place, is a winner of the Adria and Croatian Cup in slalom – so you know you are in good hands. Besides being tons of fun, windsurfing fosters great benefits.

  • This water sport blends sailing and surfing into a harmonious pastime that appeals to all ages.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • You become one with the wind, the waves, and the sea.
  • You achieve complete mindfulness of your body.
  • With this sport you strengthen your core muscles and your balance.
  • Beginners will enjoy the sporting test too: it’s challenging to master the board.
  • It’s a serious workout for your heart. It’s a workout for your entire body.
  • It’s fun and relaxing. It never gets old.
  • You feel those pesky calories melting but you only burn 200 calories every hour.
  • Each windsurfing experience is as unique as the breeze.
  • The mistral, the burin, the pulenat,the levanat, and the bora are your friends when you go windsurfing at Arena One 99.
  • Windsurfing is for everyone short of children under 30 kg and people who cannot swim.
  • It’s a social sport: either you are alone or in company, windsurfing is always fun.

 Besides our yoga deck, windsurfing is the top glamping pastime at Arena One 99. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Dalen Geromella will have the right windsurfing class for you.


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Address: Pomer 26/B, 52203 Medulin

GPS N: 44° 49' 12.721", E: 13° 54' 8.815"

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Tel +385 (0)52 573 746

E-Mail [email protected]